YEAR 1912

А slaughterhouse was built and equipped with appliances for slaughtering.  Up to 30 cattles per day were killed  and  processed. The personnel consisted of 6 men.

YEAR 1939

After equipping the slaughterhouse Grodno meat-packing plant started its operating.

YEAR 1944

Grodno meat-packing plant was rebuilt after the war and began to produce its products.

YEAR 1945

The volume of production per day is 2,000 kg of meat and 200 kg of sausage products.

YEAR 1953

A sausage manufacturing room with a capacity of three tons of sausages products per shift was built. The old factory failed to completely meet the population’s demands.

YEAR 1970

The construction of a new plant outside the city of Grodno started. The total area of the enterprise is 10.6 hectares.

YEAR 1972

New meat-processing plant began its production. Production capacity per shift per month amounted to 63 tons of meat.

YEAR 2001

A boiler-house of Austrian company "Bertsch  Laska" was put into operation, which provided a major economic effect. 7 km away from Grodno the construction of an agro-tourist complex "Goradzenski mayontak Karobchitsi" was started which is archaicized in the form of an old-time country estate of the 18th century.

YEAR 2002

The cooking room of the sausage department was modernized. The pack-washing shop was reconstructed and re-equipped.

YEAR 2003

All the operating units were modernized.

YEAR 2009

A new facility for production of sausage products from organ meat was put into operation. The opening of the new facility allowed the company to increase production capacity for manufacture of products from organ meat by 50 percent.

YEAR 2011

The agricultural enterprise Porechanka was modernized. The area of this facility makes up 1,921 ha, 921 ha of which constituted farming land including 418 ha of croplands. Blueberry estates are being established. In August 2011, the agricultural enterprise Porechanka started a new business project on constructing a pheasant yard. The essence of the project lies in tourist development and pheasant hunt. This project will make it possible to develop rural tourism and to attract tourists to visit Grodno region.

YEAR 2015

A new department for the production of smoked sausages prematurely was put into operation. Production capacity for this product increased to 500 tons per month. September 2015 – a cogeneration unit of 1.6 MW, which allows the company to save 1,600 tons of fuel, was put into operation.

YEAR 2019

Opening of a branded trading network under the brand "Grodzenskiye prysmaky".
Unitary agricultural enterprise state farm "Voronovsky" was reorganized in the form of a merger with OJSC "Grodno meat-packing plant", a branch "Agro-Mit" was established on the basis of the merged enterprise.
Grodno meat-packing plant received a certificate of the right to labeling with the "Halal" sign.

YEAR 2020

1. Modernisation of the liver workshop.
2. Expansion of branded trade network. New shops opened at 46 B Tavlaya str. in Grodno and 39 Internatsionalnaya str. in Skidel.
3. Grodno Meat-Packing Plant -winner of the International Leadership Award "Leader of the Year 2020".